Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shes so big now!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How freaking adorable is my daughter? I was explaining how Kylie hit me in the face 3 times today to Matthew. She was cuddling with me listening to the conversation...she sits up, turns around, and pats my head saying, "You're okay." She said it clear as day and in a way like, "suck it up mom, you're fine." LOL! I was in tears laughing so hard. That's my girl, right there!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸♪♪¸.•°*”˜˜” *°•.








.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸♪♪¸.•°*”˜˜” *°•.

Kylie Paige Griswold brightened up our lives with her arrival May 8th 2010 at 5:47pm, weighing a healthy 7 lb 11 oz. These have been the best 2 years of my life...she and her daddy give my life meaning and I couldn't be more proud to be her mommy. Even when she is walking down the isle on her wedding day, she will always be my baby bug.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh, I forgot to post this earlier, Kylie found a bottle of nail polish and took it to her daddy and said, "Toes? Please?" He told her to come ask she did, putting her heal down with toes up and pointing at them, "Toes? Yes? Please?" A-freaking-dorable! So of course we repainted her toes from pink to red.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pictures February-April 2012 in no particular order

Saturday, April 14, 2012

adorable girl part II

Again with her cuteness. She wanted to take her new puzzle to bed with her but daddy said no, so she gathers all the pieces in her hands and starts walking to her room to go night night...we followed her in and she put all the pieces over the side rail, we put her in she puts them all between her legs and quickly grabs a blanket to cover them so we don't "see/take them away" and then lays down with a big smile saying "ni-night." I gave her a kiss and she kisses me back with a long drawn out muah! She sire knows how to butter me up and let her do what she wants (within reason of course).

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a story about an adorable girl

Why does Kylie insist on doing amazingly cute things when mommy's phone is dead. Grandma and grandpa were heading out and Kylie gave kisses (which is rare) then she said bah-bye...they couldn't leave cause she was being so dang cute saying bye over and over, so she gave kisses again and said bye again, they were standing up and grandma was heading for the door but grandpa wasn't so she grabbed his hand and pulled him to the door and then, Im not sure how to give a narrative visual, threw him, by stopping her body but still moving her arm with his hand in hers, to the door saying bye and go. We were hysterically laughing...this is too adorable for words to even describe...I only wish I could have video recorded this. Then daddy went to the door to say good bye and Kylie grabbed his leg, afraid he was leaving too, and said no...then holding him back inside she said bye and go, again, to her grandparents and closed the door swiftly. LOL!!! All I can say is anyone else who would have done all this would have looked so rude, but when Kylie did it, none of us could stop laughing. Everything was so casual to her, but for us, it was beyond words. She has grown so much in the past month, she talks so much better, and is so smart. She loves puzzles and is good at them too. I cant believe I have to plan another birthday party for her already. Less than a month and I will be a proud mother of a beautiful, 2 year old.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kylie was poking her bubbes in her bath and saying "pop!" Now she is putting her ear to them and listening to them. I don't know what they say but it seems important. When I take her out we say "bye bye bubbles!" If there aren't any bubbles we say bye to her dirty bath water...she is too cute!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I think its so stinkin cute that when we count, every number is a drawn out "eh" to sound like what I'm saying ExCePt 2. She says the number 2 like a professional counter. <3

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tinkle Tinkle

My big girl just went pee in her potty!!! Proud mommy, right here!

And, she's been engaging in conversation more today...saying so many words clearly. Its wonderful, of course, but making my baby fever much more intense. Time goes to fast...can't waste it away.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

continued Beach trip

We stayed till Saturday instead of Friday...that will tell you how wonderful the trip was. The weather was amazing. Avila beach is my favorite place to be. The shopping there is so fun. My favorite shops were Footseas andthe Fudge Factory. Everything was my style there LOL. If only money didn't matter. Kylie chased birds everywhere. Hilarious! We went to Moonstone beach in Cambria and spent the day searching through rocks for moonstone. Not sure if what we found is or not but it was fun anyway. San Luis Obispo Farmers Market is a must at least one time. So fun! We were go go go the whole time so I'm not even going to try to write about everything, but I figured I should write a little. We took pictures and some video but Kylie may one day read these and I know she wont remember her first real trip to the beach. 2 months old is too young to count :).

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I was cleaning the car and Kylie crawled into the driver seat...grabs my keys and reaches to put the correct key in the ignition (she couldn't reach), then she holds the wheel with her left hand and shifted the gears a few times saying "vrooom vrooooom" smart little cookie! LOL. Adorable! Lately she just seems so much bigger...everyday, something new and surprising...I just don't know where all the time goes. I'm still having baby fever and trying to convince Matthew that we need to try for another baby now...a losing battle for now :(

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pismo vacation 2012

We are here at Pismo Beach, staying in the Kon Tiki Inn. We arrived Monday, the 27th, and get to stay till Friday. I'm so excited. The first night was rough because Kylie was over tired and it was a new going to bed was a difficult task. Last night was easier but still took time to fall asleep...tonight I think will be cake. Right now she's laying in her bed watching Bubble Guppies on the laptop. She was singing with the show and dancing then saying thank you with so much excitement. I wish I had thought about using the laptop earlier LOL. Bubble Guppies is the newest favorite show...its the only thing that has settled her down. Thank you WiFi!!! LOL. Anyways, we have been non stop so far but having so much fun. Kylie loves playing on the beach. We went shopping today because it was some good deals. The perks to going to the beach during the off season. Kylie got some adorable sunglasses and she loves wearing them. We went to the Coffee Bean Tea Leaf coffee and tea late ever! So, we have had so much fun already and still a few days of fun to go. I love my family!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


So there I was, worried Kylie was taking longer than the average to talk more and clearer...but outta nowhere she started. She says thank you all the time. Cutest phrase ever! She's saying all the things she has been but clearly and at appropriate times. She's simply amazing! I wish I could capture every moment on video because time is going by too fast.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012


The picture of Kylie at the restaurant is of her posing...she does three different poses and each is cuter than I can do, and because everytime I show her I say "awe" she does it everytime too. I told you she's amazing! The picture of her wearing the sunglasses was taken at Kmart. She found them laying on a patio table display and put them on herself...and she acted like a movie star! I love cell can capture moments people couldn't back in the day.

This year, I think we should try for baby griz number 2, because I really dont want more than 3 years apart...I think 2-3 years is perfect.  I was an only child, and it was lonely...I always wanted a sibling so I dont want to make Kylie Bug go through the same thing...she needs a sister *wink* a brother would be fine too, but I would love to have 2 girls. I think the second time around should be easier cause Kylie will want to help so much...and as they grow, they can play together...and fight together...either way...Im not the only one for Kylie to play with...the park will be so much more fun too.  Kylie deserves a sibling...the only thing keeping us from trying right now, is we are working on paying off a few things first. I dread starting all over again...bottles AGAIN...diapers for ANOTHER 2 years...LOL...but its worth it. I love my bug more than anything.

We went to The Home Depot, Kylie gets so stinking excited at that store. Can't say I blame her, 1 its huge and there are lots of shiny things to get into, and 2 its where her mommy and daddy met ;). She has been adorable all day long...more mimicking, more talking, and she plays so much better. Like her mommy, she's slightly compulsive...while playing with her giant legos, I noticed how particular she is about how they go together. She assembles them very strategicly and symmetrical. Adorable. She was talking with her hands flailing all over the place and running all over the house for the longest time today. Matthew and I couldn't handle was so funny and so darling...I just can't believe how much she changes in a matter of hours. She's the most wonderful thing to come into our lives, and one more would complete our family perfectly. Boy, doesn't matter as long as its a healthy Griz! We are trying to pay things off (which isn't going as well as could be since we keep doing things to the house *giggle*) but when we are ready we will know...I just hope its this year sometime.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More beautiful, and more intelligent by the minute...

Kylie is growing like a weed!
She was going through a phase that was difficult to tolerate for a while. Im not going to lie, I think I threatend to sell her a couple times. Lol! However, in her defense, she was teething first, then got a nasty cold that seemed to take weeks to go away, and of course the typical (dreadful) "terrible twos" were thrown into the mix. But, needless to say, she has been feeling much better lately.

Kylie has four of her top front teeth, along with two top moulars, and she has two bottom front teeth and two moulars. Im not sure why her bottom teeth on either side of the very front ones are taking so long to come in, but Im hoping that they will come through soon and that its normal for them to take longer than the top. Either way, she has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. So perfect, if I do say so myself.

Mimicking...most definately. Kylie repeats sounds and actions like no other. She laughs the same way that I do, and if she is watching a video of herself, she mimicks her very laugh/squeal. Its really cute. She is finally beginning to talk more. Not as clear as I would have expected by this age (20 months) but she is trying, and thats more than worth being proud of. She says: Momma, Dada, done, bye, hi, clock, yeah, no no no, this, that, and phone. She uses her hands to get what she wants...for example, if she wants up, she grabs the air with both hands, if she wants teddy grahams, she takes you by the hand and brings you to the kitchen pointing at the cupboard where they are kept. She dances and sings with the tv, and she skips/gallops/stomps like daddy.

Kylie Bug wasnt eating well for quite a while. It seemed like all I could get her to eat was crap like teddy grahams or cereal. But lately she has been eating a lot better. That makes me happy. I just worry that she isnt getting the protein and veggies she needs. I have been told that its completely normal and all you can do is offer it to them, if they are hungry enough, they will eat whatever you give them, however, she is awfully picky no matter how hungry she is. Still hates mashed potatoes...shes gagged on them since she began baby foods. Poor thing.

We went to the park today...this winter has been more like spring (not that Im complaining) so its been nice enough for park days often. She loves it. She is definately an outdoors kinda girl. I think camping trips are going to be a hit in the future. Next month, we are going on vacation to the beach. The last time we went to Pismo, Kylie was 2Bold months Im super duper excited about this trip. She will be old enough to play in the sand, collect sea shells, and see the seals and sea lions. Simply can not wait.

Christmas be honest, it was just okay. She was sick, so she was super cranky which made it minimally enjoyable to say the least. She wasnt as excited about her backyardigans guitar as I expected, and her VW Power Wheels Bug isnt being used a whole lot, which I really thought she wouldnt be able to get enough of it. She rides it for a few and then parks it on the side of the road, gets out, and plays in the fields...of all the things, she would rather play in bushes and with sticks. Lol! Thats kids for ya though...give em a 100 dollar toy and they will fall in love with the box it came in.

Anyway, I cant put into words how adorable Kylie is. She does things that make me smile bigger than my mouth can s t r e t c h. The past week shes nonstop making me laugh with her cute little self. Tonight she kept making me and daddy caress her face softly...she loves it...she sat there as still as could be with her big beautiful eyes staring at us. But since I cant describe it to get the full picture, here are some pictures.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So, I dont know if Im just going through something, or if this is completely normal. I am in dying need of a break. Dont get me wrong, my daughter is my everything and I adore the hell outta her...but lately (by lately, I mean since the terrible twos kicked in) Im losing my freaking mind. I fee irritable all the time...she seems to do nothing but whine, throw fits, and ignore almost everything I say to her. I miss the days when she listened great, she smiled more than half the time...I miss those fun its counting down the minutes till bed time. That doesnt seem normal...At All! I dont want to feel this way, but its completely involuntary. Thankfully my husband is so helpful and wonderful. As much as I miss the extra money laying around...Im so thrilled to have him home more often. The overtime consumed so much of his time that he couldnt really do anything at home. Now he helps clean, cook, and care for Kylie. Im a very lucky woman/ why do I feel so down in the dumps? Oye!

We just got RainSoft installed...Best Investment EVER. Seriously, this water is amazing and it is throughout our house. Should extend the life of our pipes, water heater, and cooler pads. Expensive, but I think well worth it. We are trying to sell the Explorer and hopefully pay off most of our debt by May. Matthew said that in about a year we can try for another baby. Part of me is saying no more kids, but the majority of me is saying yes, Kylie needs a sibling. So maybe in a year or so we will be expecting baby number 2. I think I can do it...

February we are going to Pismo. Oh my goodness its been so long since we had a vacation. This is much needed for both of us, and I think Kylie will totally enjoy running all over the beach, chasing the seagulls and what not. We cant wait.

Anyway, we have a new computer...I dont know if I ever typed that our old one crapped out on we have been using our phones and to blog, its really not easy or fun. So I stopped writing as much about Kylie Bug, which means I fall behind more than ever, and when I did type, it wasnt as pretty and creative. So, anyway, Im going to watch some How I Met Your Mother (funniest show EVER) and then go to sleep. Counting down the days till Christmas...Cant Wait to see her open her Backyardigans Guitar! And her Barbie VW Power Wheels.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today Kylie said thank you twice and she's been using her words more and more. She thought daddy was putting her favorite movie tangled on and threw her arms in the air saying "whooo!" While I was watching jot noodles she saw the steam and immediately began blowing on my bowl to cool it off.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Griswolds are decorated for Christmas!

(\ .-. /)
* ( \(··)/ ) *
(_/ \_) *
* `/&\` *
* ,@.*;@,
/_o.I %_\ * *
* (`'--:o(_@;
/`;--.,____`') *
;@`o % ,*`'`&\
* (`'--)_@° ;o%')\
/`;--._`''--._O' @; *
(&*,()~o`;-.,_ `""`)
* / `,@ ;+& () o *`;-';\ *
(`"" -- .,_0 +% @' &( )\
* / -.,_ ` `'' -- .. o . .-' `) *
/' @%;o`: ;'-- ,.__ __ _ .'\
(;*,&(); @ % &^;~`"`o;@(); *
* / (); o^~; & ).o@*&`;&%O\
( `"="==""==,,.,="=="=== "`)
-_.--- -.(\(\ -''#####---..._...--
'` \)\)`"""""`____
.--(' ') _______
o( )_ -\\ __________
`""" `` ________

This is the first year I have ever decorated outside. I love owning a house. We have our tree up with wrapped presents under it, lite Garland around the entry door, lite trees and raindeer in the front yard, snowflake lites in the fence and lites on the eves. Beautiful! This is some sort of record for us though...Christmas completely ready before December even arrived. Yay us!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Today was great. Although Kylie was awfully bratty (hello terrible 2's) we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We got up to the lake around 10:30, Kylie had a blast with her cousins and the food was delicious. Ky looked out the window and spotted the go-kart LOL so she rode on that with uncle Scott, this daddy, then pa. She sure loves that thing. All day long Kylie was doing things that made me realize she not a baby anymore...she's a little smart and so big. She didn't eat which bothered me, but you can't make kids eat if they don't want to. The girls were playing the Wii and when we looked over to see what they were doing, Kayla was on her tummy and Kylie was straddling her sitting on her was adorable. No sizzle from bedtime last night till 5am this morning, we went ahead and gave it to her so shed go back to sleep and get good rest for the busy day ahead...she got up at 6:30ish and from then on she hasn't had it...went to bed just fine. I wish I could express in writing all the things she has been doing that are impressive, but even trying to describe everything it doesn't do justice for actually being there. Needless to say, she's growing too fast and everything she does is great...kissing up when she wants something especially. She doesn't always want something when she gives loves but there are times when she does and she goes over board with it...its awesome. Cracks me up everytime. Tonight she gave daddy loves and waved to him good night...moments like that are just too precious for words. She lost a sock earlier this evening and I asked her were it went, she found it and put her naked foot up for me to out the sock back on. When I asked her while she was grunting if she wanted to poop on the potty, she ran in the bathroom and say on her little potty, so I'd say we are ready to begin potty training. Doesn't look like it will be too difficult. The hard part of association is already its just a matter of teaching her to pull her pants down and sit on it before she goes...after letting me know first of may take a while since she still isn't using words much but I'm prepared to have a lot of patience...I know its not something that just comes quickly. I'm definitely looking forward to no.more diapers though ;). She is still in a crib, and I'm not ready for her crib to be open so she can get in and out on her own yet, especially now that we just took sizzle away...she needs to get used to going to bed without it for awhile first then we can start the next drastic change in her bedtime routine. Anyway, thought I'd get all this down before I forget and have to catch up 2 months worth later. LOL.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bye Bye Binkie!

Well, tonight is attempt number one without her sizzle. So far so good. I have been trying to break her of this thing for months now and I always find myself giving in with the excuse that daddy has to work early everyday so we can't have her crying keeping him up...I never actually tried I just figured that would be the reaction to being in her crib without it. Well, she's in there and quiet for 5 mins so maybe this wont be as difficult as I imagined.

Today she was doing so many cute things and looking so big doing it. She had her hand in the air dancing in circles, she was blowing on the nozzles to her ball house because she saw daddy blowing it up, she also blows in a tissue because she thinks that's what we are doing to make that sound when blowing our nose, and she pushed her face into the plastic window of her ball house making funny faces. The things that make my day so fun! She talked to gramps on the phone and blew him kisses, that was so sweet. There are so many things I wish I could record but I don't think there would be a time I wasn't recording if I tried LOL.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I underestimate just how smart my daughter is. I was making a few bows and she was sitting right next to me. She grabbed a pen off the desk and had an envelope already at hand, I looked and noticed the pen was clicked in the closed position so figured, no letting her pretentious to draw on the envelope. Then I heard a click...little miss smarty pants knows how to click the pen open...but no big deal, she's sitting right by me and she's usually good about drawing on the paper only...nope! Not this time...she drew on her leg. Why I didn't not see this coming is beyond me. This is only one of many examples to show how mommy doesn't realize just how intelligent daughter is. Ha! She is just amazing and such a good girl. I hear so many stories about other babies and I can't help but feel like Kylie is the best kid ever. She's well behaved, smart, gorgeous, and healthy. I'm the luckiest mom. I'm pleased to say that we have done a great job raising her so far. Since 2 months old she has slept in her crib and by 3 months slept thru the night, she's always put herself to sleep and even during the rough nights of teething she wakes up maybe once and it's a quick pop the sizzle in her mouth and she's back to sleep, she has been sick maybe 3 times, she began crawling at 4 months, walking at 10, kicked the bottle successfully and easily at 12 months, and she never stops amazing me with new things.
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Of course!

Leave it to my daughter to make a statement or prove me wrong. Yesterday I was talking about how she doesn't say very many words and we even took her sizzle away during the day so she would talk more...sure enough, all morning long she's been repeating things I say. Hi is her favorite. She said up, done, and a few other words. She also threw her dirty diaper away without influence. She's one smart cookie!
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

18 months

I know I know! Its been forever since I have actually taken time to write about our little bug. The older she gets the less free time I seem to find.

So, Kylie Bug is almost 18 months. Holy crap! She changes daily. Some mornings she wakes up and it's like she learned so many new things over night. She has been talking a little more. She can say I love you, momma, Dada, done, yeah, no, and uh oh. She might be saying other things but they aren't very clear.

We got her ears pierced last weekend. She did pretty well considering she's not a fan of strangers being 4 feet away much less right next to her touching her. She was tired from our long day running around the stores in Bakersfield and the honestly I was expecting the worst, but she did great and she looks so grown up and beautiful with those little shiny diamonds in her ears.

I bought a potty for her the other day. I don't want it to be overwhelming or frustrating for either of us, so I figured as long as its there for her to be curious about, she can get to know why its there and how to use it. She hasn't really shown much interest in potty training, so I know she's not quite ready, but when she sits on the potty before bath time...she is so proud. Its really quite adorable.

Kylie has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life! With all 7 of her teeth. That's right, at this point she has 2 top molars, 1 eye tooth, her two top and bottom teeth, and she's back at chewing on everything she can to break thru some more. She looks so different with all these teeth.

Books are probably the greatest things in the world to toddlers. She loves pointing at things and making us point at things, and she's so enthusiastic about everything too. Her little barn with animals to fit in the shapes is still one of her favorite toys. She takes the pig and cow and points one at me for me to make the sound, then points the opposite for sound...and this sneek little monster tries to trick me by pointing the same one twice. She can make the cow, sheep, and dog sounds. She knows where her ears, eyes, nose, belly hole, and hair is. When you ask her where's her nose she always puts her finger up it. Oye! Gross. She gives high fives...its more like fifteens though...she slaps your hand 3 times.

How well behaved and smart is my baby bug? Well, yesterday we were at the grocery store, she picked up a box of cereal, when I asked her to out it back she walked back to exactly where she got it and placed it in the empty hole. She almost always does that...she knows it has to go back where it belongs and usually tries to make sure its placed standing upright and facing forward...she's not even 2 and already a little ocd...not that I'm complaining but I don't want her to grow up too fast. Messy is what kids do. She understands nearly everything we say. It amazes me how quickly babies learn.

Backyardigans is still the greatest show ever...between that and Tangled. Needless to say, I'm a lot burnt out. Fortunately we don't want much tv. She's more of an outdoors kinda girl. Now that the weather isn't 112° we can actually play outside.

I have the same complaint I have always had. My "friends" seem to always have an excuse for not being able to go to the park with us. It made me realize how much I want Kylie to have a sibling. I feel like she's deprived of the children socialization she needs and deserves. Playing with mommy isn't so bad but its not at all the same. Sadly, we can not afford another baby and honestly, we don't really want to start over. Its not lack of trying to get parents to bring their kids to the park...knowing they will all either not answer or come back with a reason for not being able to, I still find myself inviting.

Tomorrow we are going to the fair. Last year Kylie was too young to understand what as going I think she will really enjoy it this year.

Well, its breakfast in 6 months I will make it a point to get back on here. LOL. Just kidding...maybe a month? I love being a mommy...I have all her special (and even the not so big) moments programmed in my memory so if I don't have a chance to blog about it, there's really no harm done.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I can't help but laugh when I tell Kylie, "I'll spank your butt if you do it again." and she puts her hand on her butt and stops what she was doing. LOL. She's a smart cookie. (via Lisa Griswold)
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Every time, without fail, Kylie laughs watching Tangled when Rapunzel hits herself in the head with a frying pan. Its the only part she laughs. Its great! (via Lisa Griswold)
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Its the absolute sweetest thing when Kylie wraps her arms around my leg and kisses me outta nowhere. <3 (via Lisa Griswold)
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My Kylie Bug is the sweetest and cutest! I was washing the car and she grabbed a handfull of bubbles and started washing the car with me. I just love her. (via Lisa Griswold)
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Kylie smuggled her green sizzle in her onesie...I gave her her pink one, and she pulls out her green one and sat happily on the couch watching TV swapping from green to pink, pink to green. LOL. She's funny! (via Lisa Griswold)
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I love love love my daughters smile WITH teeth. She's not a baby at all anymore. She is my beautiful little girl. (via Lisa Griswold)
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

My beautiful baby bug!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Were to begin? At this age, everyday is a drastic change. Kylie has grown so much. Personality, thru the roof, height, outrageous! She was giving me closed mouth kisses last night. After each is she'd do the "Muah!" It was seriously the greatest, sweetest, most wonderful thing I have encountered. Everything she does is a bragging moment for me. LOL. She just sits there and I'm proud. People probably think my posts are ridiculous sometimes, bur to me, they are all important moments/memories...every one of them. Last night she was playing with spit bubbles. Yup, that's my girl...
A few days ago, I was in the bathroom getting ready when I heard her winning. I went to her room to see what she was upset about and found her on her rocking horse...she was able to get on it all by herself but not down. I was so proud I ran to my cellphone took a picture and called her daddy... he said he was working with her on it and taught her the night before. So cute!
Kylie either hide behind her hands, or, the newest move, hides the diaper and diaper wipes...I cant imagine a nasty diaper is better than having a clean one put on...but what do I know...LOL!
And my final entry to update this as best as I can, Kylie has a molar! I thought she was only working on her front too teeth, the 2 front and the right eye tooth, I can see them right at the surface, but when I was playing with her, I dipped her upside down and helad her laughing, I saw a little white bump in the back right side on top...A TOOTH!
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How can I deny my daughter playing outside when she not only got her shoes on, but also put my sandles on my feet correctly. LOL! She's been too cute all morning. I can't even handle it. She was playing with her Leapfrog refrigerator animals...they were in a Tupperware container and she had it about 6' away from the fridge, one at a time she grabbed one, put it on the fridge, went back and grabbed another...then she noticed a play pringles chip was in the Tupperware...apparently it didn't belong there, she threw it out and continued on with putting the animals on the fridge. So funny! I was typing on the laptop, she was moving her fingers mimicking mine. We played on the couch, she was giggling so hard, she grabbed my hand, directed me to her toy and I became her puppet as she made me open each pop up animal. We read a book...she's finally able to sit and listen instead of trying to eat the books. LOL. Its been a fun morning. Now she's taking a bath and we are going to run errands.
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super proud to announce...

...that our fence is finished! Kylie is free to do (almost) as she pleases in the front yard and not get hit by a car. We still have a few cosmetic things to do with it, but at least its up. I got 2nd degree sunburn on my back...not so much fun, but you know, at least I will learn from my negligence and put on sunscreen in the future. There are still so many things we want to do around the house...I really want to paint, buy a dinning room set and bar stools, a patio set would be awesome...but I think we are going to continue working on the front yard and then the backyard. We are planting a tree, grass, build a planter box under the window, and build a deck. It will look so great when all is done. Much needed curb appeal to our beautiful home. Matthew is going to decorate the front bathroom and he doesn't like my cupcake kitchen set, so perhaps later (when we paint the dinning and kitchen area) we will change that theme. We found this perfect set at K-Mart...its red and tan, cappuccino theme. Anyway, life is treating the Griswold's great. I cant believe that we finally bought a house...Kylie is growing wonderfully, and I'm going back to work part time at Big 5. I'm not really looking forward to going back to work, but at the same time, I'm not upset about it. I think I have just adapted and become comfortable with being a house wife. I have my bow hobby, but thats not bringing in enough, hi ho hi ho its back to work I go. Our goal is to pay off our debt so that we can start really putting money into the house and get the things we want for it. Like a new refrigerator, the things I listed above, and I know how much Matthew is wanting to work on the backyard. It needs a new fence which is going to cost a pretty penny (especially since we are not going to tackle that one ourselves, we decided to have a professional come do it). He wants to install a waterfall, plant a tree or two, build a seating area with step up planters around it, and tile the patio. I love his exterior design ideas. He is so savy when it comes to landscape and irrigation...not me...I will stick with indoor design. So, that's pretty much whats going on with us. Kylie knows where her eyes and nose is. Its so funny, when I ask, "wheres your nose?" she picks it. Eeewww, Gross! Lol! She understands almost everything you tell her, but still not speaking much. She is still a little young, and I know that she will talk up a storm when she is good and ready. I have been working with her about being done eating...she hasn't been throwing her food on the floor nearly as often, and she tries to tell us she is done...usually trying to say it, or by trying to pick up her tray. She is still throwing her little tantrums, and being a spoiled little butt hole, but we are working on that, and she usually does it when she is tired or teething hard. Seems like those top teeth just don't want to come through....she is in so much agony. Breaks my heart that there isn't much I can do for her. She is such a good girl. Couldn't ask for more.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bug is too dang smart and growing so fast. She understands so much. Drink, outside, shoes, close and open, don't touch, kisses, I love you, pick it up, I think she understands come here but chooses not to listen. She lives the new house. We go out front and she gets to explore so much more freely than before. We are going to put up a fence today and tomorrow. I'm excited! Keep Kylie from running out into the street and we can enjoy our tine outside.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

our new home!

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